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Global Medicine

The term "Global Medicine" is about sharing ideas of health and healing from different cultures of the world.  Its an approach to health that has a global perspective. For example, in the west we have now embraced health ideas like yoga, meditation, tai chi, food as medicine, and many other great ideas from outside the west. When we do this, we are expanding our medicine cabinet and benefiting from healthful ways and methods from different parts of the world.  Health ideas spread because they work.  They help us feel better, reduce our stress, make us more hopeful, sleep better, get less angry...   Anne Fonfa, a breast cancer survivor, found ideas from Germany, Japan and other places that were helpful to her.   She is not the only one. So many people are finding helpful ideas around the globe that there is now a conference called Annie Appleseed to share global medicine just about cancer.

A big part of many cultures is the idea of 'self care'...   like exercise, as individuals, we can engage in self care.  It is a way of life.  Herb Benson, an MD at Harvard who studies meditation has said he hopes self care will one day be part of our  medicine cabinet.  Here  on our site, we focus on 'self care acupressure.'  It is a special instruction of acupressure where we only need our own hands... so no need for an appointment, no money is involved, and once you learn it, you take it with you wherever you are and can use it whenever you like.   There are self care acupressure recipes for pain, headache, sinusitis, tummy troubles, worry, anxiety, etc.   If you have never heard of acupressure, you're not alone.You might say acupressure is a cousin of acupuncture.   It has some similar ideas, and relates to the body ... although unlike acupuncture, we use our hands instead of needles..  There are a lot of ways we can use our hands.  The touch can be tender, or firm, we can use one finger or our whole hand, we can scratch or polish or smoosh...when you start  to pay attention to how we all touch ourselves during the day in every day life, you will notice we are all constantly holding or supporting our selves with touch... we hold our hands, interlock our fingers, we press on our forehead, we cross our arms, our legs.   You get the idea.   So we already know.   

Global medicine is an idea whose time as come.  It is growing because there are treasures in every culture on how to help one another.   You can see people learning yoga, going to meditation classes and so on.  What you might not know is that for you to learn these practices today, they have been passed down and shared with you by other people.    In some cultures people have fought hard to preserve knowledge and pass it down.  Good health knowledge is a treasure
when you think about it.    Staying healthy, having good resources for health is what keeps us growing and strong.  When you find someone who can share these kinds of health ideas from other cultures, think about how many generations have held and preserved what you are learning and practicing.   We are lucky to be receiving this knowledge.

To learn more, see the Pub Med document, "Global Medicine Technology"