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Multi-Lingual Self Help Acupressure Quickies
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A collection of Multi-Lingual  Self Help Acupressure QUICKIES (One-Step)  for Disaster or Remote Health.  Based on Methods that engage the body's own healing and regeneration process through touch.   Helps foster compassion and caring for both caregiver and individuals. A bit on the science of touch: one square inch of skin contains approximately 21,000 nerve endings.  Nerves reach the entire length and breadth of the body and transmit signals through the spine to and from the brain, influencing glands, immune, fluids, heart rate, emotions, etc.

The methods do not replace proper medical care or diagnosis but may help until they arrive.

DESCRIPTION:  A collection of the remote instruction pages from our website, with jpegs and htmls, in several languages including French, Spanish, English, Thai, Indonesian, and other languages as the material evolves over time.   We make this available for the cost of the CD ROM and shipping, with permission to copy as needed. 

CONTENTS: Contains browsable, copyable material as html or jpeg.   We can send in pretty much all media, no matter how old your machine or operating system.  USB stick, cd-rom, or download from this webpage.

  Material provided in multiple formats  and designed for transfer to small device, printing or sharing.
Contact us for alternate media such as memory cards, SD, etc. or call 650 dash 9One9 dash 47Eight7

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