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Testimonies on Self Care

People who have used these methods comment below on their experiences.

Swallowing Difficulty

I’m really quite healthy… I work out every day, and don’t have any health problems really.  But I have had some problems for a long time where food will get stuck in my throat.  Its been examined, and I’ve had cat scans, met with surgeons, and many good doctors, without much of a diagnosis.   One day Cindy came over, and I guess I had had a pretty bad episode, where I had hit my head on the toilet trying to vomit and get the food out of my throat so I could breath.   Cindy showed me a Self Care recipe for clearing the throat.  It has helped me, more than once, when I was choking.  And I don’t think it happens very often any more…  I do the Self Care whenever I think of it… in a meeting, or on the telephone. 


Stress from High Powered Job in Silicon Valley

I sit in meetings with complete nimrods, and I think I’m going to explode.  But if I can
Remember to do the Self Care, the way Cindy taught me, in the CD-ROM, I no longer feel like I need to scream.  I used to think I was going to have to quit this job, because of the stress.  I was really not wanting to do that because I’m not sure where I’d make money like this anywhere else.  The Self Care is doing pretty job at keeping me happy now.  Its different.  Its not like taking a pill.  But its so easy.  You just have to remember there are other options besides the misery that is in front of you.  Self Care opens the door the idea there ARE options.
Testimony of

Stroke Survivor

What Cindy teaches emphasizes emotional and physical well being.  Even within your
own family, medicine can’t help such emotional pains, which affect our health Self Care
I do the self care on my own.  I know mentally, I can live now, a long life.  Even though I have gotten on the pinnacle
of medicinal doctors, they had become my “god”.  It leaves you high and dry if you do not look inside at your own
resources. I humbly realize my folly, the excess to which I had thrown myself at their mercy.

You can lose so much.  You really have to do it.  I started getting a little bit depressed.  The more I have lost, the
more I have been depressed.  I have been bankrupt with the cost of the medicines.and to the stage I did not know
where to turn.  And then I found the self care. .  Daily I am regaining Things I thought were lost.
I had no medical availability.
Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.

Testimony of P.T.
Stem Cell Transplant
3 year survivor

I’m the one they wrote the paper about.  I didn’t tell my doctors I was doing this until after I went home.  And then I made sure they wrote it in my files.   I received daily sessions while I was going through the chemo and radiation, and then the transplant.  The self care, I did continually, as often as I could remember it.  My caregivers all learned it, too, and we would do it together.   Sometimes I would fall asleep doing self care.  Chemo and radiation are really hard on the body.  I had constipation, blisters on my tongue, blisters on my anus.  I was sick at my stomach, tired, depressed.   The Self Care helped enormously.  I’m the one that went home after a stem cell transplant and didn’t need a caregiver.  That should tell you something.

I still do it.

Testimony of A. B.
Polio Survivor

I have practiced the Self Care Cindy showed me for a little over a year now.  It has made a big difference.  I stand up straighter, I sit straighter.  It has given me courage to make other changes in my life.   That’s all I have to say.