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Created by a scientist who discovered the hard way that difficult emotions affect our health.
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Mood Master is Humane Round the Clock Help for Moods and Mental Health.  Contains a collection of simple, easy to learn and easy to do touch therapy "recipes" that transform anger, fear, worry,  sadness and other difficult feelings into a smile.   Try these simple touch based self-help ideas and you will find you do not remember why you were so angry, you will discover that your worry has melted.   Its no secret that our feelings affect our health, and that our health affects our feelings.   This is part of the package in being human.   What is a secret is that there are really great things we can do to help ourselves that don't involve taking pills or require health insurance.   Loving touch is something we can give ourselves, in sickness and in health, as part of an AM/PM routine, or while you are on the go.   Learn something useful in 5 minutes, use it the rest of your life. You need only your hands and a willingness to try.

The methods do not replace proper medical care or diagnosis

DESCRIPTION:  Touch therapy instruction presented in visual format with segmented structure for quick learning.   Includes separate chapters for instruction and practice-only.  Material for the DVD based on touch therapy experiences with patients in the Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Berkeley Primary Care, and self help touch therapy courses in the Stanford/Palo Alto community.

CONTENTS:   Contains 8 Simple Acupressure sets: 3 Instruction Chapters including 5 Mood Harmonizers,  a Core Harmonizer for Brain, Spine and Nerves,  and 8 Simple Moves for overall health.  3 Practice chapters for 5 Mood Harmonizers,  a Core Harmonizer for Brain, Spine and Nerves,  and 8 Simple Moves. An introduction chapter and a chapter on Anatomy of Touch.   Accompanying soundtrack is relaxing sound of the Creek in Indian Canyon.

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