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*Material for Self Help acupressure instruction media was developed through 10 years of working with patients, families, caregivers and nurse practitioner Cheryl Gasner, across a variety of settings including Stanford Hospital.  Berkeley Primary Care, Lucille Packard Children's Hospital, and teaching self help acupressure courses at Avenidas Day Health Center, SRI International, Bryant Street Nursing Home, Cubberly Community Center, the Japanese Cultural Center in Berkeley and the Jewish Community Centers in Berkeley and Palo Alto.   Private lessons and private healing sessions are expensive. Self help means you can help yourself any time you need it and you don't have to worry about wearing a mask.   These methods are sustainable, accessible, and helpful.   Go for it!!

Mood Master

Sleep Master

Mood Master dvd
                          master self help


Basic Self Care

Humans Without Borders

                        Care dvd info order

humans without
                          borders cd-rom order

Mood Master dvd
                          orderMood Master - De-STRESS
from difficult moods using these simple touch therapy moves.  You will learn something useful in just 5 minutes.  Take it with you everywhere.
sleep master media
                        orderSleep Master - Self Help Acupressure Recipes that will relax your body
and mind to help you sleep better. Just watching it may put you to sleep.  Try it!
Green Care dvd
                      info orderGreen Care - Teaches you simple and portable methods of self care acupressure that can reduce stress, improve spinal health, improve your daily life. Use AM/PM or on the go.  Learn it once, use it forever.  Using it WILL change your life.
humans without borders CD
                    coverHumans Without Borders - Taken from our website, this is a collection of  10 self help touch therapy instructions for remote or disaster scenarios. Handy when there is no doctor.  In Spanish, English, French, Indonesian, other languages as they are added.
This material has existed throughout the ages and is as natural as a hug.  It belongs to all of us.  Acupressure is non pharmaceutical and has been helpful in many different situations. It has been useful in times of disaster and disease outbreak,
useful for physical therapists, clinics, individuals, and health practitioners in many countries.  Self help acupressure is helpful for non-pharmaceutical approaches to pain, anxiety, insomnia and other challenging/stressful situations.   We will be happy to transfer information online and help if we can, please contact 011dot650dot919dot4787 (US) and leave a message.  We can return your call at no charge.

Harvard Medical School's Herbert Benson - "My hope is that Self-Care will stand equal to surgery, drugs, and other medical therapies."

These four Self-Care media were formerly available as at Amazon, East West Books, and our website.  We will put online as needed and will continue to support the production of CD-ROM and USB stick for disaster/outbreak situations  .

Materials are based on acupressure methods shown effective in clinical trials conducted by Kaiser Health Research in Portland, Oregon.  These methods are being taught world-wide.  Teaching materials are drawn from Self-Help instruction previously only taught privately in the Palo Alto and Stanford community.    At 21stcenturymed we believe that health is a basic human need, like water, shelter, warmth, and quiet.  We are working to create healthcare tools that are for EVERYONE, not just rich educated people with insurance.  Self-Help media is a first step in this direction.  Self help acupressure is  ACCESSIBLE - use anytime, anywhere, regardless of income, age, insurability, health, race, or education.   No insurance needed.